The following sections summarize the journals' publishing processes and describe how manuscript are handled from submission to publication. At all stages of the process, you can ask and find the status of your manuscript.

1. Author submits a manuscript

2. Journal editor screens manuscript

Within one week of being submitted, each journal paper undergoes a preliminary review by the journal editor.

The journal editor decides for routing of the paper:

Send out for peer-review: The manuscript meets the basic requirements of Circulation in Computer Science.

Return for revision: If your manuscript has not passed the preliminary review, the review comment will be returned to you for revision.

Rejection without peer review: While manuscript has to go through the peer review process in order to be published, they can be rejected without peer review.

There could be many reasons for rejection without review:

  • Content of the article is not within the scope of the journal.
  • Non-conformity with journal style, format or guidelines.
  • Duplication or large overlap with existing work or apparent plagiarism.
  • Results are not novel or significant enough; lead to only an incremental advance in field.
  • Article is too specialized/in-depth or superficial.
  • Limited interest to journal target audience.
  • Poor quality of research.
  • Results or interpretation are too preliminary or speculative.
  • Lack of clarity/conciseness in presentation.

3. Manuscript is peer reviewed

4. Journal editor/editorial board decides whether to publish

Once peer review has been completed, the original author(s) of the article will modify their submission in line with the reviewers' comments, and this is repeated until the editor is satisfied.

Review Decisions by Reviewers and Editors:

A. Accept in present form

The reviewer/editors will decide that the manuscript is ready for publication in its present form. The paper will be moved to final editing for online publication.

B. Revision Required

The reviewer/editors will decide that the paper is not ready for publication and needs revision. Reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author for revision. The author should include with his(her) resubmitted version a new cover letter that includes a point-by-point response to the reviewers' and editors' comments, including an explanation of how you have altered your manuscript in response to these, and an estimation of the length of the revised version with figures/tables.

C. Declined final

The reviewers/editors will decide that the paper is inappropriate for publication. No revisions will be requested for further consideration. The paper may not be resubmitted without substantial revision.

5. Copy Editing and Typesetting

This is to ensure that the article conforms to the journal's house style, that all of the referencing and labelling is correct. Typesetting deals with the appearance of the article — layouts, fonts, headings etc., both for print and online publication.

6. Online publication

The final text and cover proofs will undergo a thorough editorial review before they are accepted and sent to online/print publication. All papers are published in the online edition of the journal in PDF format, in full.

The journal’s print version is available with print-on-demand platform.

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