2nd National Conference on Mechatronics Computing and Signal Processing (MCSP 2017)

Strengthening of Precast Concrete Manhole Cover using GFRP Wrapping System

Soumya Priyadarsini Pradhan, Manoj Kumar Rath, Rakesh Kumar Jena
Applied Sciences Pages 1-3

Static Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Strengthened with GFRP Laminates

Barsa Pattnaik, Manoj Kumar Rath and Rakesh Kumar Jena
Applied Sciences Pages 4-6

Analysis of 6T SRAM Cell in Different Technologies

Subhashree Rath, Siba Kumar Panda
Circuits and Systems Pages 7-10

Design of Low Power CMOS Comparator using 180nm Technology for ADC Application

Truptimayee Behera and Ritisnigdha Das
Circuits and Systems Pages 11-13

Comparative Study on Spreading Codes

Omprava Agasti, Sujatarani Raut and Shibashis Pradhan
Signal Processing Pages 14-16

Identification of Patch Phase Array Antenna at 28GHz in Different Orientation for 5th Generation Wireless Application

Simpal Kumari, Deepak Kumar Barik and Satyasis Mishra
Wireless Communications Pages 17-22

Beamforming in Smart Antenna using Some Variants of Least Mean Square Algorithm

Barsa Samantaray, Kunal Kumar Das and Jibendu Sekhar Roy
Wireless Communications Pages 23-26

Strengthening of Prefab Slab using Fiber Reinforce Composites

Ritu Dubey and Nikita Persai
Applied Sciences Pages 27-29

Automatic Car Number Plate Recognition System for Authorization

Somalin Sandha and Debaraj Rana
Pattern Recognition Pages 30-34

Smart Glove for Sign to Text and Speech Conversion

P. Kanungo, S. Sahoo, S. Sinha, S. Oraon and N. Kumar
Signal Processing Pages 35-37

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