International Conference on Innovations in Computing (ICIC 2017)

On Cloud Security using Biometric Cryptographic Techniques

Sunil Kumar, Vijay K. Lamba, Surender Jangra, Punit Soni
Security Pages 1-4

A Novel Method to Improve Performance of the Keystroke Dynamics based User Authentication

Mehmet Gurdal, Ibrahim Sogukpinar
Signal Processing, Security Pages 5-8

Fast and Secure Multi-Keyword Searching over Encrypted Cloud Data using Skip Graph

Upinder Kaur, Pushpa R. Suri
Software Engineering Pages 9-12

A Critical Analysis on Cloud Security

Madhvi Popli, Gagan Deep
Security Pages 19-23

Computational Approach for Various MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Amanpreet Kaur, Anuj Kumar Gupta
Wireless Pages 24-28

Various Filtering Methods for Image Noise Reduction using Denoising Algorithm

Gourav Chalotra, Tejpal Sharma, Upinderpal Singh
Signal Processing Pages 29-35

Fuzzy Logic based Analysis of Node Selection Criteria in Energy Efficient Multipath Routing

Jaideep Atri, Shuchita Upadhyaya
Software Engineering Pages 36-39

MOEA and SPEA Protocol Performance Analysis for Wireless Mesh Networks

Himani, Lal Chand Panwar
Wireless Networks Pages 40-44

From Business Oriented Rules to SBVR

Deepak Kumar Sharma, Naveen Prakash, Dheerendra Singh, Manish Mahajan
Decision Support Pages 45-54

Hybrid Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Cell using Perturb Observe and Least Mean Square

Amandeep Kaur, Manish Kumar and Parveen Singla
Power Systems Pages 55-59

Comparative Study of Multilayer Architecture to reduce Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks

Harpreet Kaur, Sachin Majithia and Jaskiran Kaur
Wireless Pages 60-66

Performance Comparison of MANET Routing Protocols on Hybrid Wireless Grids

Debashreet Das, Manas Ranjan Kabat and C. R. Tripathy
Wireless Pages 67-72

Data Security Threats Arising in Nexus between Cloud and its Users

Parneet Kaur and Anuj Gupta
Security Pages 73-77

Computer Assisted Bone Age Assessment of Hand, Wrist Dataset using Clustering and BPNN Classification Approach

Mayukh Banathia and Parveen Kumar Sharma
Artificial Intelligence Pages 78-82

A Comparative study of Various Approaches for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

Anchal Kathuria and Avinash Sharma
Artificial Intelligence Pages 83-86

Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms On Different Datasets

Kapil Sethi, Ankit Gupta, Gaurav Gupta and Varun Jaiswal
Artificial Intelligence Pages 87-91

Authentication of Real Iris Images by Detection of Parallel Eyelid Blinks on Both Eyes

Vijay Kumar Sinha, Anuj Kumar Gupta, Ravinder Khanna and Manish Mahajan
Security Pages 92-96

Detection of Iris Dilation on Both Eyes as a Potential Biomarker for Fake Iris Detection

Vijay Kumar Sinha, Anuj Kumar Gupta, Ravinder Khanna and Manish Mahajan
Security Pages 97-100

OFDM Modulation Technique & its Applications: A Review

Dishant Khosla, Sohni Singh, Rashwinder Singh and Sumeet Goyal
Wireless Pages 101-105

Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Brief Review

Nagesh Kumar and Yashwant Singh
Wireless Pages 106-113

Analysis of Food Price Crisis in India using Twitter

Mamta Mittal and Lalit Mohan Goyal
Information Sciences Pages 114-117

Towards Data Intensive Scientific Computing in Defence and Security: A Review

Amandeep Kaur, Mamta Mittal, P. K. Khosla and Neerja Mittal
Information Sciences Pages 118-121

Data Acquisition System: An Experimental Setup to Study Thermocouples

Aakash Saini, Mamta Mittal, Shweta Singh and Ayush Sharma
Circuits and Systems Pages 122-127

A Study of Various Air Quality Prediction Models

Jasleen Kaur Sethi and Mamta Mittal
Artificial Intelligence Pages 128-131

QoS for a Hybrid Satellite DVB Wireless Network with Fade Mitigation

Deepika Sood, Sukhjinder Kaur, Pankaj Palta and Dishant Khosla
Wireless Pages 132-136

A Review on Substarte Intergrated Waveguide for mmW

Manvinder Sharma, Harjinder Singh
Wireless Pages 137-138

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