International Conference on Engineering, Computing & Information Technology (ICECIT 2017)

The Impact of Agile Methodology (DSDM) on Software Project Management

Aiman Khan Nazir, Iqra Zafar, Muhammad Abbas
Software Engineering Pages 1-6

Model-Driven Approaches for Software Product Lines: A Systematic Literature Review

Kinza Zahra, Farooque Azam, Fauqia Ilyas, Abdul Wahab Muzaffar
Software Engineering Pages 7-13

Significant Software Requirements Engineering Practices in Systems Engineering Context

Javed Iqbal, Rodina Ahmad, Mohd Hairul Nizam Md Nasir, Muzafar Khan
Software Engineering Pages 14-18

Study about Ethics of Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Islamic Perspective

Shumyla Rasheed Mir, Reem Alzuā€™bi
Information Technology Pages 25-28

A Study on Uncertainties in Software Project Management in Pakistan

Sara Tanvir, Mamoona Safdar, Hanny Tufail, Aimal Khan, Muhammad Abbas
Software Engineering Pages 29-33

Route Discovery for Multiple Physical Interfaces based Communication Devices in Ad-hoc Wireless Network

Muhammad Sohail, Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan, Syed Hasnain Ali
Wireless Networks Pages 34-37

Cost Estimation Techniques for Software Development: A Systematic Literature Review

Iqra Qasim, Hanny Tufail, Alia Fatima, Tayyaba Rasool, Farooque Azam
Software Engineering Pages 38-42

Mobile Commerce Applications, their Data Storage and Retrieval in Wireless Network

Bureera Sabir, Nabila Perveen, Abdul Wahab Muzaffar, Shumyla Rasheed Mir
Wireless Networks Pages 43-49

Merging Prototyping with Agile Software Development Methodology

Sara Tanvir, Mamoona Safdar, Hanny Tufail, Usman Qamar
Software Engineering Pages 50-54

Towards Adaptive and Responsive Web Design: A Systematic Literature Review

Nazish Yousaf, Aleena Arshad, Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Umar Arshad
Information Sciences Pages 55-60

Impact Analysis on Evolution Patterns of Service Oriented Systems

Bureera Sabir, Nabila Perveen, Usman Qamar, Abdul Wahab Muzaffar
Software Engineering Pages 61-67

Team Interaction for Successful Project Management in Software Development

Munazza Ansar, Raheela Bibi, Dr. Muhammad Abbas
Software Engineering Pages 68-71

Semantic Image Segmentation using Canny-Edge Detector

Syed Aftab Mehmood, Syed Hasnain Ali
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition Pages 72-78

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